Physical ability:

It is a mechanically related branch and you have to work physically with the help of tools. Therefore, it is necessary for the students doing this branch to be physically fit so that they can do the fitting work correctly and safely.

Duration of ITI fitter course:

The ITI Fitter course is of 2 years, divided into 4 semesters of six months. In every semester you are given different knowledge of theory and practical and finally different exam is also taken.

Training Hours:

As you know there is more emphasis on practical knowledge under the ITI course, here also under this course you have a class of 6 hours a day, which consists of 4 hours of practical and 2 hours of theory class.

ITI Fitters Jobs:

ITI Fitter Government Jobs:

The higher education after ITI Fitter:

After doing the ITI Fitter course, if any student wants to go for higher education then the best option is to do a Diploma in Engineering or Polytechnic. In Diploma in Engineering, you will get admission in any branch related to mechanical, you will get admission directly in the second year, which saves you 1 year in this 3-year course.


your salary after this course can start from 14to 18 thousand per month.

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